Throughout FISP: Inspire, our scholars will have accommodation provided as part of the scholarship when necessary; we will not allow the cost of accommodation to be a barrier to them taking part. With our partners, St Marks English Church, Florence, we have secured housing for our scholars in Italy. This is situated in an early 16th-century palazzo, next to St Marks, our main rehearsal venue in Florence's centre. There are five apartments, and the scholars will be split accordingly, sharing these luxurious apartments, normally rented by tourists. We will have exclusive rights to the building and will not be sharing this with the public. Each apartment has its own key, with the safeguarding officer having a master key.


Scholars will be expected to go to bed at a reasonable time to wake up for morning rehearsals the next day. We ask that scholars respect these apartments, and any damage incurred will require them to pay in full. 

Each apartment comes with:

  • Welcome package upon arrival courtesy of 

  • Free Wi-Fi - should scholars wish to listen to the repertoire, call home or surf the net

  • Washing machines

  • Kitchen 

  • Living area with tables