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Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Florence International Singing Programme - Inspiring Youth Scholars Academy.


FISP is an international summer school exploring Renaissance music in the beautiful city of Florence. The inaugural FISP will focus on the English Renaissance tradition featuring services from both the pre and late reformation, such as Compline and Choral Evensong - a uniquely Anglican tradition.

Music and choral singing offer extensive health and physical benefits, though unfortunately not everyone has access or the opportunities to sing in choirs. As we move further up the professional music scene, it becomes inherently clear that singers come from certain schools and have obtained choral scholarships at certain universities. 


Coming from a non-musical background, I broke through the various social and access barriers and want to help others do that too. FISP- Inspiring Youth Scholars, aims to bring together choral singers from around the country who may not have:

  • visited another country.

  • had singing lessons

  • attended additional courses

  • been able to access Cathedral or large parish church choirs and sing the larger repertoire that accompanies those experiences

  • experienced the achievements of those who have come from a similar social-economic background and successfully pursued a career in the arts​​​


We want to give aspirational young singers the opportunity and support to believe in themselves, audition for university choral scholarships and pursue careers in music. With this mentoring, we also want to offer encouragement to continue with their journey with complimentary Italian lessons and the opportunity to perform at world-class venues such as the Duomo, making friends and developing a network that we hope you'll keep for life.  


Caius Lee

Founding Director


Why Florence?

An UNESCO World Heritage Site, Florence is amongst one of the greatest cultural cities in Europe, credited as the birthplace of the Renaissance and famous for arts and architecture. It is home to world-class art museums housing paintings and sculptures by Botticelli and Michelangelo et al. Along with cobbled streets, candle-lit medieval chapels, fresco-decorated churches, marble basilicas and elegant 15th-16th Century palazzi, there is plenty to feast on for the soul as well as the mouth-watering Tuscan cuisine.

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