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FISP: Inspire is a new project set out to diversify and provide life-changing opportunities to disadvantaged young people. We aim to give everyone a voice no matter their background. Our three aims are:


  • Provide high-quality musical opportunities to those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds thus eliminating the divide between those with financial means and those without.


  • Inspire young people with the skills and confidence needed to thrive and teach them to become workshop leaders, enabling them to invigorate a new generation of choral professionals.


  • Diversify the world of choral music to include people from a wider range of backgrounds.


Music is becoming increasingly exclusive. The statistics below speak for themselves:

About the project:

Being a FISP scholar will enrich young people's lives, helping them to make lifelong friendships and contacts with people from similar backgrounds. It will allow them the chance to visit Florence, potentially learning a new language and engaging in a new culture in the process, whilst delivering high-level music in world-famous buildings such as the ‘Duomo’ and ‘Basilica di San Lorenzo’.

Whilst the world of graduate employment is becoming far more dependent upon opportunities alongside qualifications, FISP: Inspire attempts to provide potential professionals with an opportunity unrivalled by any other organisation for students who might not otherwise have such avenues open to them. As part of FISP: Inspire, students will begin to maintain a list of contacts from not only the UK but around Europe, working with an award-winning Italian guest conductor. This will, in turn, result in students collaborating in similar projects to FISP: Inspire, leading them to sow the seeds of musicality and professional ability in future musicians as visualised in our ‘Wheel of Inspiration’. Along with direct experiences teaching children (who otherwise wouldn't sing), they get the first-hand experience in the planning and execution of such a project.


Why Florence?

An UNESCO World Heritage Site, Florence is amongst one of the greatest cultural cities in Europe, credited as the birthplace of the Renaissance and famous for arts and architecture. It is home to world-class art museums housing paintings and sculptures by Botticelli and Michelangelo et al. Along with cobbled streets, candle-lit medieval chapels, fresco-decorated churches, marble basilicas and elegant 15th-16th Century palazzi, there is plenty to feast on for the soul as well as the mouth-watering Tuscan cuisine.

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Golden sunset over Palazzo Vecchio and C

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