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Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Florence International Singing Programme.


FISP is an international summer school exploring Renaissance music in the fantastic city of Florence. We have sadly had to cancel our International Singing Programme in August, due to the unprecedented scale of the pandemic COVID-19. However, we believe passionately, that despite lockdown it should not affect our ability to make music together. 

Music is crucial in our everyday lives, it is scientifically proven to increase mental and physical wellbeing. It conveys the ineffable, what words quite often struggle to replicate. Together, we believe that we will overcome this virus, we will do it together and whilst at home, here at FISP, we hope to keep providing online workshops, projects and other activities to help do our part. 


We will make our lockdown activities accessible as possible, not charging a single penny, however we ask that if you are able, please donate. This money will go toward supporting our team of musicians, who are all gravely affected in their work by this virus.

We plan on running the course in 2021. With our partners in Italy all extremely supportive and working harder than ever, it promises to be extremely exciting. Stay tuned for further announcements to follow...

In the meantime, stay safe and at home.

Caius Lee

(Founder and Musical Director)


Why Florence?

An UNESCO World Heritage Site, Florence is amongst one of the greatest cultural cities in Europe, credited as the birthplace of the Renaissance and famous for arts and architecture. It is home to world-class art museums housing paintings and sculptures by Botticelli and Michelangelo et al. Along with cobbled streets, candle-lit medieval chapels, fresco-decorated churches, marble basilicas and elegant 15th-16th Century palazzi, there is plenty to feast on for the soul as well as the mouth-watering Tuscan cuisine.

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‘Caius is exceptionally good-natured and has a wonderful sense of humour. Combined with his musical talent, this made for a fantastic day of singing great music with a great conductor.’

Come and Sing Participant 2020 

‘Caius is an enthusiastic leader who inspires and gets the best out of his singers’

Come and Sing Participant 2020 

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