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Anthony Gray has recently taken up the position of Musical Director of the Fairfax Singers, a mixed voice choir established in 1996. He has adopted our eclectic repertoire with enthusiasm and genuine interest. Clear direction and consistency means that he works very well with our excellent accompanist. Anthony has a sympathetic approach to the choir members and the ability to make constructive criticism feel encouraging. We are really enjoying his leadership.

Dorothy Hawkshaw (Former Musical Director and Concert Secretary - Fairfax Singers)

Caius is an excellent musician whose practical skill is matched by a broad knowledge of intellectual engagement with a variety of musical genres. His rehearsal technique is efficient and stimulating and he is able to offer challenges to the most experienced singers whilst not leaving the less confident behind. He has a remarkable ability to transform a piece of music into something really special in a short amount of rehearsal time. He is also proficient in singing technique and invests much time and energy into the progression of individual singers. As a person, he is friendly, approachable and reliable, and communicates incredibly well with people

Frey Klaus

(Cambridge University Choral Scholar)

I had the pleasure of working with Anthony Gray in Cambridge for two years when he was accompanist to Cambridgeshire Choral Society. During that time he was unfailingly well prepared, punctual and conscientious. Anthony is a fine musician with a good sense of style and considerable experience working with choirs. He has a wide range of musical knowledge and will be an asset to any organisation with whom he works

Richard Laing (Conductor and Musicologist - Director of the Bach Camerata)

Caius brings energy and character to his rehearsals. He focuses on musicality and telling a story through the music, without neglecting technical aspects like intonation, articulation and ensemble. His rehearsals are very efficient and he is great at selecting the most important passages to work on.

Oscar Tovey-Garcia

(Cambridge University Choral Scholar)

Caius is an exceptional individual. A gifted musician, he is able to work with people of all ages, standards and backgrounds. He has a particular gift for leading children in music-making, getting them to realise their potential and more, whether or not they are beginners or accomplished musicians already. He has already had significant success in choral workshops up and down the country and been instrumental in the completion of the HLF-funded organ project in Great Ayton, North Yorkshire, and the setting up of the Cornwall Organ and Choral Academy (COCA) in St Just. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with him.

Professor David Baker

(Royal College of Organists and Halifax Organ Academy)

Caius is an exceptional choral conductor and teacher. He sets the bar high for his singers and carefully nurtures all musicians to reach that level, developing their long-term confidence and performing security in the process. Rehearsals are great fun and engaging, and all feel that every minute has been well spent since the whole approach is about the musical team rather than any individual ego.

Benjamin Saunders

(Director of Music, Diocese of Leeds)

Come and Sing Online :Faure Requiem.

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''Caius' manner of training and directing us. I felt I was singing much better; and also understanding and appreciating the music much better.''

''The opportunity to sing 'with' other people. I'm really missing making music in the real world. Opportunities like this are so important. The session was well-led and well-organised. I particularly enjoyed the new piece of music.''

''Thank you very much for the hard work and effort! Singing Faure Requiem again after many years brought back so many wonderful memories. It is a beautiful piece of music and a very good choice''

''Caius is exceptionally good-natured and has a wonderful sense of humour. Combined with his musical talent, this made for a fantastic day of singing great music with a great conductor.’'

Come and Sing Participant 2020 

‘'Caius is an enthusiastic leader who inspires and gets the best out of his singers’'

Come and Sing Participant 2020