Image by Jeff Ackley

Learn, discover and enjoy Choral music 

The Florence International Singing Programme aims to provide exceptional music teaching, in fantastic singing venues.  Many academics merit Florence as the birthplace of the Renaissance and the epicentre of the surge in art, science, literacy and, of course, music!


FISP 2022  focuses on the world-renowned English tradition. In our optional short seminars, we will explore how the Reformation and break from Rome changed the landscape of English choral music and how with the Reformation came newly formed services that required composers of the time such as Tallis and Byrd to change their compositional style.   


Our exceptional staff will ensure you can explore this exciting repertoire in fantastic detail, whilst having a wonderful week to remember in Florence.   

Please note: the venues we will be rehearsing and performing in are places of worship. As such, we ask that participants respect them, regardless of personal faith.